Phone Fundraising Canvasser

United States | Full-time | Fully remote

We're extremely proud of the work we did in the 2020 elections and the January run-off in Georgia. Now, because right-wing extremists no longer control the White House and Senate, we have unprecedented opportunities to make progress on the issues that matter. We're running telephone outreach programs to raise funds and build support for some of the nation's leading non-profits to support their critical work.
Here are some of the causes we've working on now:
  • The increasingly urgent fight against climate change
  • The fight to pass of the Equality Act - the first federal legislation that would protect against anti-LGBTQ discrimination
  • The effort to stop states from passing anti-democratic laws making voting harder

We're building support for critical social justice campaigns one conversation at a time, and we're seeking excellent communicators who are committed to progressive causes to join the team.